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We don’t set limits cause we are used to go beyond the possible.


Customers’ feedbacks and showreels will tell you better and show you more.


Since we have loads of fully owned equipment, it allows us to reduce customer’s costs as well as get the best up to date price/quality proportion.


Big and united team of professionals makes it easy to respect deadlines as well as get results on such a high level that our customers start to feel giddy both because of our efforts and the success they help to reach.

- 1 Number of nerds in the office
- 200 yearsNumber of projects
- More than 900 Number of projects
22000000 Juicy shots

Our portfolio

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Our Services

Candid shot

It keeps the memory of significant moments, reflect the vibes not to mention it can make it better than it was in reality. We mean it.

Staged video

We create commercials, music videos, promo and corporate movies. We follow a project from the very first steps like briefs with a customer to handing him over the end product.

Multi-cam shoot

We handle multi-camera shooting of major events using special-purpose professional equipment and screens of various formats. And as for online-streaming, this is also “our thing”.

Backside TV

Backside.tv project is all about speed, freedom and extreme lifestyle.


All that can’t be fixed by editing, can always be fixed with graphics. We always follow customer’s brandbook standards and latest trends in graphic design.

TV Projects

We take on turn-key projects as well as any part of video production. Our field: documentary, TV project, design and air handling.

Our clients

  • «We are highly It is of great importance for to us that viral ads’ quality is high. And Emotion Media Production helps to keep it at the very highest level.»

    Marina Mayorova, Creative Director at viral marketing agency mfive.

  • «Starting from the very first project, it became clear that the Emotion Media crew are OUR PEOPLE.
    OUR PEOPLE cause they are professionals.
    OUR PEOPLE cause they are crazy about what they do.
    OUR PEOPLE cause they are nice and easy to get along with (which is quite rare in event business)
    OURS cause they respect deadlines, responsible , loyal and always ready to help.
    OURS cause now we always hand over post-production materials in time.
    OURS. And we very much value it.»

    Kseniya Kotlyar, Project Head Manager at communications agency "Art Premier"

  • «We worked together with Emotion Media Production at the exhibition Construction equipment and Technologies in summer 2014. Their performance was absolutely excellent! All was worked out creatively, professionally and without any rush. To all our requests and suggestions they reacted with patience. But generally we there was no need in interfering with the creative process since initially we had agreed upon all the details and so everyone was just busy with his own work. The post-production part went fast and smoothly as well. All amendments were modified accurately in line with what we had wanted since we got a perfect understanding, not to mention they always proposed good and creative solutions. I hope we will continue our cooperation. We wish them much success!»

    Anna Lopushnyak, Press secretary at JSC Chetra Industrial Machinery

  • «Many thanks to Emotion Media Production for their impressive creative input and quality which they maintain in every project. Even when it seems, there is no way to take a creative approach, they manage to show such a great talent and sense of beauty that you can’t believe your own eyes.»

    Igor Polonsky, General Manager of event agency Director’s Cut

  • «We came to Emotion Media Production viral video shooting. Thank to their outside-of-the-box thinking, effective ideas and creative approach of the whole team we got an excellent result. I realized the promo video would be awesome, as early as I checked out the breakdown footage.»

    Anastasiya Ukolova, Product Manager at Panasonic Russia


Any questions left? Contact us via any source given below or you can write to us via contact form. We will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

 Head office:

5th Donskoy passage, 15/4, 119991, Moscow, Russia


+7 499 322 02 00